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The JAWS for Windows and PAC Mate Blog

Aug. 6th, 2006

12:06 pm - Eric Damery audio presentation

Within our Sight Village podcast, you can listen to an audio presentation Eric Damery of Freedom Scientific gave concerning JAWS 7.10 and a preview for 8.0.


The latest edition of our Infotech magazine features an interview with Eric concerning the new features of JAWS 7.10 together with discussing why substantial changes were made to the way in which JAWS handles web pages within the new release.

Jun. 25th, 2006

07:00 pm - Blog Reminder

Just to alert people to the fact that I do have another Blog in addition to this one.


The Portable Player Portal Blog contains news relating to, as you would expect, how we as visually impaired people can access portable media devices, and runs alongside the mailing list and the web site for the same purpose.  In fact, there are items which get onto the Blog and not the mailing list so it is worth checking.


06:56 pm - Outlook XP/2003 Fix

There appears to be a difficulty with JAWS 7.10 final release which is causing some problems for visually impaired people surrounding moving through Outlook mailboxes.  Essentially, if you press up or down arrow, and focus has reached the top or bottom of the list, JAWS will report the same message rather than saying nothing at all.  This leads a person to think that there is another message when in fact there is not.


I have created a script for my own use which I am willing to share if anyone wishes to download it.  When the file is downloaded, please extract it from the zipped archive and place this in your personalised settings folder for JAWS, not shared settings.  This will mean if you do not like the functionality, you can revert back to the original simply by deleting the file.


You will experience the following functionality.


When you reach either the top or bottom of a list, JAWS will advise you of this by saying "start of list" or "end of list".  No other speech will be heard.  These messages will appear as flash messages in braille.



Jun. 24th, 2006

11:45 am - JAWS 7.1 released

For anyone who does not know, JAWS 7.1 has now been released. You can find out more by visiting the Freedom Scientific web site.

Jun. 17th, 2006

06:11 pm - New Blog for Discussing Portable Media Drvices

I have created a new Blog for discussing portable media devices and how we as visually impaired people can access them, the software to transfer material onto them and downloading music.  For more information about the Blog, please visit my web site.

06:07 pm - iTunes scripts 2.71 now available

The JAWS scripts for iTunes version 2.71 have now been released and can now be downloaded from our web site at T&T Consultancy.

There are two small changes.


1. We now have better support when copying material to an iPod, particularly the iPod Nano.


2. There is a new tool which we think is much better for training the colours.


Jun. 3rd, 2006

06:05 pm - new jaws public beta

Just a brief note. A new jaws public beta, build 395, is now available via the automatic update procedure.  Enjoy!

May. 22nd, 2006

10:34 am - iTunes JAWS Scripts Version 2.7 Released

The iTunes scripts version 2.7 are now on our web site at T&T Consultancy Ltd.  They have been updated for the various JAWS versions we support. Here are the changes.


1. The "Move to Library" Key is now more reliable than ever.


2. The biggest change is in the area of navigating through track lists, either in the library or playlists.

The HOME key will now take you to the top of any list instantly, while the END key will take you to the bottom of any list.  This may not seem a big deal, but iTunes does not give you this functionality and so this has taken a good deal of scripting to get this working reliably and in the right situations.

These keys will only work in the track lists. If you use the keystrokes in the source list you are advised that the keystroke cannot be used. If you use it in an edit box, such as the search field, JAWS moves to the start of the line and reads the first character on that line.


The next navigational element is PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN. These keys move through a track list in increments of ten songs. So pressing PAGE DOWN will move forward in the list by ten tracks. JAWS will advise you this is happening and will then read the focused item.


3. When you TAB into the search edit field, JAWS now says the word "search" followed by the word "edit". This was requested by a number of customers.


4. Hotkey Help has been revised.


5. As I discovered, there is a method of deactivating the volume control slider by turning off the iTunes Mini Store. The volume control slider is unnecessary since there are good keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease the volume.

To activate and deactivate the Mini Store, press CONTROL+SHIFT+M. JAWS will advise you whether the mini store is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, we advise you to disable it because it just gets in the way.


I think this is a very good release of the scripts. Technically speaking, we have well over 120 scripts and functions in the iTunes Interface now all doing different things providing access to iTunes.


Now what have we taken out!


The latest version of these scripts does not support Podcasts. Because of the high quality accessibility available within Juice, and because Juice can fully integrate with iTunes, there is absolutely no reason to support Podcasts unless anyone can convince me otherwise. If people would like to know how Juice interacts with iTunes, please let me know. I will probably soon do an audio demo of this because it is rather good.


 That's about everything.


May. 20th, 2006

02:15 pm - iTunes Scripts for JAWS Audio Presentation Revised

I have today revised the audio presentation available from the T&T Consultancy Ltd web site concerning the iTunes scripts for JAWS.


The demonstration takes into account some of the functionality available within a new release of the iTunes scripts to be released in the next few days, together with a demonstration of how to use the iTunes Search Bar and the Music Store.


Keep checking this Blog for an announcement concerning iTunes scripts version 2.7 as we are just coming to the end of the testing phase.


May. 16th, 2006

03:32 pm - Updated Web Marker Scripts

A new update to my small Web Marker scripts have been added.


In addition to the existing functionality which you should find more responsive, when you press ALT+CONTROL+1 through to 5, JAWS now grabs the line of text on which the virtual cursor is placed.  You can overtype this if you wish.


As you will know if you have read this Blog before, in the next step JAWS will ask what you would like it to say when the corresponding locator key is pressed.  Type it in and press ENTER.


The new part is the third stage.  JAWS presents you with a list box of three items currently but this can be extended if there is demand for more functionality.  This is the action which will take place when the text is found.  First of all, there is SayLine, then SayAll, then activate a link.  Again, this parameter is retained at all times.


Don't forget to press INSERT+H to get a list of keystrokes.

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